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One Year Sobriety Party

This party was very special and close to me because it was for my husband. It was an opportunity to celebrate someone I love and I know we all have that desire. We wanted to bring the aescetics of the space out and emphasize some more masculine designs throughout. We had a lot of fun playing off the number of days we were celebrating and adding intentional touches to the coffee bar, photo booth, and sweets. It was definitely a party, so lounge spaces and balloons were a must, and we wanted to make sure they fit the tone of the night. Life comes at you fast, and it’s easy to miss big moments. We loved putting this together, pulling it off, and celebrating something special.

VENUE Brake and Clutch Warehouse


COFFEE Fresh Coffee

FLORALS Brooklyn Designs

BALLOONS In The Air Balloons

LOUNGES Alexa Elizabeth Design

PHOTO BOOTH Moment Booths

PHOTOS Liesl Claire Photography

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