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May 10th, 2019

Your wedding day isn't just a day that flies by, it's a day you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s the one special day that embodies joining lives with your best friend. So, of course every bride goes out of their way to make it the most magical moment ever. However, by doing this you can get WAY too caught up in the details. As a bride, I thought I wanted to plan the entire thing because I knew what I wanted, but boy was I WRONG! No matter how much of a planner, or type A individual you think you are, YOU. NEED. HUNTER. You need a wedding planner who carries the burden of organizing and coordinating a huge event so that on the day of your wedding you aren't stuck in the details. You are able to just enjoy how beautiful it is and focus on what matters most; the person waiting for you at the altar. I wish more than anything in this world that I hired Hunter as my full-service planner instead of day-of coordinator because it would have made it 100x more enjoyable for me. She did an INCREDIBLE job coordinating, especially jumping into the details of having 12 bridesmaids 12 groomsmen and dealing with everyone's opinion along the way! She is full of style and grace and is a must-have for your special day!!!!!!!


- Miranda

VENUE Knotting Hill Place

DRESS Patsy’s Bridal

CAKERY Fancy Cakes by Lauren / Lovin Oven Bakery

CATERING Low Country

FLORIST The Accent Floral

HAIR The Styling Stewardess

PHOTOS Max Marlow and Co

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