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Starbucks + Sugarfina. I mean this duo is a dream. There is a local shopping center in Dallas that have these two stores within 100 yards of each other……. And I find myself there often… aka like all the time!!!! Lol I want to share three of my top starbucks drinks and my top sugarfina products that are good for yourself or a great gift to get for someone.


We all love starbucks and have our own go to drinks I’m sure. I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that aren't too complicated but definitely have less calories than most of the drinks that are on the menu.

#1 Cold Brew with a splash of half + half

This is one of my favorite go to’s in the summer as an afternoon pick me up. Sometimes I even get a pump or two of Carmel to add a sweet kick.

#2 Vanilla latte

This is my winter drink. I get this every chance I can. Everytime I drink this I feel like it’s fall in a cup. Because of the calorie count I often ask for it skinny with a little bit of half + half.

#3 Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher

If I am every craving something sweet and need it fast I run through starbucks and get a tall one of these. I always ask for light ice. It comes with real strawberries inside but I like to drink mine slow and I don’t want the strawberries to get soggy so I ask for no strawberries when ordering.


This company has all the party goodies in one location. Not only do they have candy but they have all the small details to specialize any event. Pricing is great and their packaging is too much to handle.

#1 Sugar Lips

This sweet and sour gummies are sent from heaven… no seriously. What I love most is that you can eat just 1 or 2 and your candy craving is taken care of. Plus this candy is made with pectin, they are gelatin free which makes it perfect for vegans or vegetarians.

#2 Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar

If you like cinnamon toast crunch then this will be your new favorite treat. The packaging is so cute as well so it’s the perfect “just thinking of you” or “hope your day gets better” gift.

#3 Design Your Own Bento + 20 Piece Candy Trunk

The Bento product comes in five different sizes. You are able to create your own boxes by filling in the spaces with any candy you prefer. The candy trunk is something you could give as an office gift to your boss or if you wanted to get all the bridesmaids together and give it as a wedding gift to the bride and groom.

I hope these are products you chose on your next visit to starbucks + sugarfina!!!



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