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Recently, someone asked me, "What is Social Girls?" I could have easily answered, a non-profit that throws a really fun party. But it's so much more than what someone may see on the surface. Social Girls is all about women empowering women. It's the heartbeat of unity + a life-giving community, the ability to have fun with old and new friends. In essence it's what every woman needs.

As the event planner for Social Girls, I see the behind the scenes planning and careful detail that goes into making these gatherings unique. Ultimately, I feel God has given a dream to our team. Our number one priority is to open up a space for women to grab hands and run side by side in life. We embrace community instead of competition.

Four months ago we hosted our very first Social Girls Night. It was at a small, intimate, local venue in Dallas. It was a free event and a great start. We had seats for fifty and sold out right away.

Eight weeks ago we decided to plan our second event. We found a venue what would enable us to bump our numbers to 200. Trust me, eight weeks is short notice for a team that is detail driven.

After filtering through a number of venues we landed on one located in the heart of Bishop Arts. From the first look online we knew The Place at Tyler was our spot. (Side note-- We actually booked it before touring it. I normally don't recommend this but we had a gut feeling this was the place.)

After selecting the spot, our volunteer (and very busy team) found vendors and started signing contracts. I made calls, sent emails, paid the deposits, worked on timelines and started tying everything together.

If I had time I would drop the name of every woman that helped make this night successful but that might take up more space than you have time to read.

Again, I give props to our team who executed perfectly and made this a night of excellence.

Social Girls Holiday

Planners that are reading this.. these are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Do not secure a venue with only three hours prior to the event kickoff. (No matter how well planned you are)

2) Plan to have the venue prepared an hour to two hours in advance – just in case the unexpected happens (it often will).

3) When hiring vendors: Don’t always go with the most popular vendor … but with the most reliable.

Funny but stressful story: We used a very well known rental company that was supposed to arrive with our chairs hours before the event. They showed up 4 hours late (borderline tragic) 1 hour AFTER THE EVENT STARTED. This is why I recommend every bride or client to have a planner or at least a day of coordinator. I had to make a few calls and get another company to show up last minute. The company I called last minute had the chairs, was there within in an hour and it allowed us to have chairs 30 minutes before the event started. ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP COMPANY!!!! If you are wondering what happened to the original company.... don't ask :)


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V e n u e

Place at Tyler

P h o t o g r a p h e r

Shawn Verner

V i d e o g r a p h y

Alexis Franklin

V o c a l T e a m

Dara Maclean

C o f f e e

Fresh Coffee

B a l l o o n s

In the Air Balloons

C o u c h R e n t a l

Coral Lane Rentals

C h a i r R e n t a l

Ely Party Rental

C a t e r i n g

Jenna Hagy Bado

P r o d u c t i o n

Jeremy Hix

Jessica Collins

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